How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing?

Is asking a question that aspiring Affiliates repeatedly that after the initial period.How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing money?And fortunately, there is a precise answer: 3 months, 12 days and 7 hours.

How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing?

No, of course there is no standard answer to this question. It depends on your own requirements and individual factors on which I discuss below in more detail.

How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing? 

That can not be said in advance. One deserves after a month already a few hundred euros. Another earned after 6 months only 20 euros.

I have, for example, to self-employed in the network in July 2007, ie earned 5 months after the blog launch my first Euro with affiliate marketing. In October there were already more than 100 euros a month. Meanwhile, there are monthly 1500-2000 euros.

The time that you need to earn money with affiliate marketing depends on several variables.


Firstly, the conditions are of course very important.

If you already have an established site with plenty and good quality traffic? Or you have the site just launched and virtually no traffic?

The contents are important. What topics are covered and which target groups speak to the content. Thus, for example, Compare products more suitable for the affiliate Markting as articles on your breakfast cereal. Of technology products

Not so important, but also different are the payment periods of the various affiliate networks and affiliate programs. Some pay at the end of the month, others only three months later.

Important here is definitely that it makes a big difference, with what conditions you start in the affiliate marketing.

individual factors
Of course it makes a difference whether an affiliate for 1 hour day or 1 hour a week may invest in its affiliate site


Those who are willing to invest money, for example, can Buy texts, acquire a professional layout, buy backlinks, etc. All the improved and accelerated development.


The own skills are not unimportant. If you can write well itself or has idea about SEO, which certainly helps.


Even the know-how regarding. Affiliate Marketing in itself plays an important role. Beginners make certain errors, while more experienced know Affiliates, what is important. Even the know-how regarding. The site theme plays a role.


Who is with passion, the polishes much more details, testing different layouts, texts etc. and marketed the site of intense. Anyone who thinks only earn the money and actually has nothing left for the subject who invested since often less.


A time factor is of course the question of whether to do everything myself or outsourced certain work. That depends, of course, closely related to the item "money" together.

How can you speed it up?

Basically, the fact that optimizing the above points.

So by investing just more time to developing and marketing an affiliate site.

Or you can take more money for marketing into their own hands or buy an established same project, which then of course immediately brings traffic and content.

The correct choice of the theme and therefore the affiliate programs is important. Not all affiliate programs are the same profitable. And of course, the issue is also crucial, for example, how much Google the competition is.

XY may well be an interesting topic with good affiliate programs, but when the competition is so strong in Google that you versauert somewhere on results page 6, brings no traffic and therefore no revenue.

And you should also expand its knowledge of affiliate marketing continually. 


Depending on the initial situation and the individual factors it can happen quickly or take long before you earn the affiliate marketing money.

One should not be persuaded definitely of self-proclaimed gurus and affiliate marketing "experts" that you will be rich overnight. Even affiliate marketing is hard work and perseverance.  

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Do SEO today: what has changed?

Do SEO today: what has changed? - SEO search engine optimization Come has changed the SEO in 2015? There is a new way of doing SEO after the various changes made by Google's own search engine algorithm in the last twelve months? In short: the beginning of 2014 will see a new search engine optimization after the shocks of the previous year, the first of Hummingbird?

Do SEO today: what has changed?
 These questions give an answer to an interesting infographic Positionly (right, click to enlarge). The proposed analysis focuses on the following factors that influence the ranking of a website in search engines: on-site factors, content, off-site factors, social media. On the left side of the graphics you found the old way of doing SEO, and in the right way again recommended.

I should state that I do not agree on everything the infographic shows. But in principle, I would say that we have: what is shown gives good insights webmasters and makes you realize how things have changed within the SEO in recent years. By now, the old way of looking at search engine optimization ... belongs to prehistoric times! :-)

Below I have listed the considerations expressed nell'infografica. On the left, you find the old way of doing SEO right and what we became now.

Before leaving you to read, I remember that, if you are looking for a recipe for effective SEO, this can be summarized in a few words. Exactly this: do SEO that works is to create quality content for your niche, that is something that publish users our interests consider it useful, interesting, worthy of sharing on their social profiles. Even more clearly: do effective SEO means writing for the web users and not for the search engine spiders.

So if you're thinking of creating a website or create a blog, party off right: put the middle of your project online content and SEO techniques!


Web traffic and positioning> Engagement of users and brand exposure

First, it was aimed both to increase web traffic and improve rankings in the SERPs the search engine compared to the keywords for which you did SEO. Today, the aim is to create a greater engagement of the users of the niche. Moreover, not thinking of the positioning as the main purpose of doing SEO, but as a parameter that quantifies the results of their efforts in search engine optimization.

Traffic oraganico> Traffic diversified

In the past it was aimed at web traffic from organic results of search engines. Focus is now on the web traffic coming from social media and a large number of referring websites.

Technical Knowledge> Knowledge of marketing

First it was necessary to have the ability to analyze data and statistics and extensive technical knowledge. Today it is increasingly essential to possess analytical skills, but the ability of marketers have a lot more space than yesterday.


Clicks and page views> Engagement users, conversions, ROI

Before there was a tendency to create web content for clicks and to make many page views. Today, you create quality content to increase user engagement, to increase conversions and to have an increase of ROI.

Optimization for search engines> Optimization for users

For example, before you were creating title tags and H1 tags on the basis of keywords. Now they create titles with the aim to capture the attention of users to read its contents, which are designed according to their needs.

Anchor links to exact match> Diversification anchor links

In the past it focused on anchors that were kind of exact match. Today we try to create anchors that have some variety in the use of keywords.

Competition on the search engines> Competition in the blogosphere

In the past, the competition was limited to the SERP search engine. Recently, the competition has expanded to the blogosphere. This implied that companies need to have their own blogs and social profiles in which to publish the content they produce in it (but not only those) in order to adequately promote.

Anonymity> Personal branding

Before the webmaster did not put their faces in their projects online. Now, however, the author exposes himself to do personal branding.

Numbers> Users' needs

In the past the focus was on the numbers that a website could grind. Now the focus has shifted sull'intercettare user needs.


Link Building> Link earning

Before it aimed to get the highest number of backlinks as possible. Today we try to establish a relationship with people that give a backlink to our website or our blog.

Link Exchange> Link unconditionally

Until recently, he tried to exchange links. Now create a link to a site is returned to be an entirely spontaneous and ... Free! It puts a link to a web project because it believes quality.

Results due to technical> results due to content marketing

First, to get results, it was extensive use of various techniques. Today, to get results, it makes use of content marketing.

Efforts to short-term effects> Strategies long term

At one time it was aimed at the here and now, with the intent to deceive search engines. After the latest updates engine algorithms, trying to implement long-term strategies, which comply with the guidelines of the engines.


Keyword> tag

First it focused on the use of keywords. Now is the great moment of the hashtag!

Content distribution> Interaction

In the past the focus was on the very push the promotion of the content on social media. Now using social media to invite people to interact in regards of content produced by the company.

Article Marketing> Viral Marketing

Do you remember the good old websites where to do article marketing for your web content? They have given way to a new strategy, one that is based on viral marketing.

Comment to get a back link> Participate in community

Before they left comments a bit 'everywhere, in order to put the link to your website or blog in the signature. Currently this practice is risky: it can lead to a penalty. So, the advice is to participate actively in the life of a community. And how? By sharing their experiences, helping other members to solve their problems, building their authority online through tighten and cementing relationships.

Here, these are the considerations that come dall'infografica that I have proposed. Do you agree on these changes and related operational suggestions in optical SEO? There are other considerations on how has the search engine optimization that would be worth doing? Leave a comment below to have your say!

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6 things you should know as equities beginners!

6 things you should know as equities beginners!

6 things you should know as equities beginners! - In this article I want to basics-pick six points that everyone should know "Shares-beginner" before he tries on the stock exchange and invest in shares. This post will help both first basic knowledge of stocks to build, and to create a realistic expectation and assessment of the potential returns of equities.

1.What are stocks?

First, I would of course like all beginners to pick up with the question: "What are shares".

A stock represents a small fraction of a company. If a company has for example 100 shares and we keep 10 of them, so we include 10% of this company. This company is also a joint-stock company, in short referred to AG. The advantage of a corporation lies primarily in the fact that the shares are easily transferable. Especially for companies that are traded on a stock exchange, is the buying and selling, even for private individuals, within a few seconds via the Internet. However Normally publicly traded companies have far more than 100 shares. Thus it is possible that large companies (blue chips) are traded every second. Because of the constant buying and selling the stock price arises. Depending on whether the future expectations for a company are positive or negative, the share price varied up or down.

2.How can you earn money with shares?

Basically, you can earn in two ways with shares money: On the one hand, the investor can bet on rising prices, so the share buy low to try it at a higher price to sell them later. So he speculated on price gains. The second option is to pay a dividend. Each investor holds a stock is owner of a fraction of the company, which is why he is entitled to a share of the profits. In more or less regular intervals, the corporation therefore pours a portion of their profits from (because if profits were earned) to investors. This distribution is called a dividend.

What is separable even in theory, in practice more and more blurred. One assumes that an average of 60% of profits on capital gains and about 40% are due on distributions of dividends. In the long term capital gains and dividends are therefore inextricably linked.

3.What risk have stocks?

Of course, stocks have not only a high profit potential or risk. For each share there is a risk that the company goes bankrupt and has to file for bankruptcy. In this case the stock price falls to zero and the money may lose. However, the value of a stock can not be negative, so that the investment made is lost in the worst case "only". Shares Beginners should therefore, at least in the initial phase, especially at large companies geared to everyday products. The thirty largest German companies are all grouped together in the DAX index. As stocks beginners it is still important to know that even here can threaten a total loss. It is therefore important to consider the basics of investing and by no means "all your eggs in one basket", so invest its assets only in one share.

4.Can you get rich with stocks?
How do you do on the stock exchange a small fortune? - By starting with a large fortune ... Definitely is investing in stocks for beginners, as well as for professionals no sure way to get rich. Realistically are pre-tax returns of 6% -10% per year. Through a regular savings and the compounding effect, however, stocks can support sustainable asset accumulation. Just when the asset is eventually become bigger, it makes sense to improve the diversification of investments to invest partly in equities.

Nevertheless, it is possible with shares (and good luck) to be really rich. So many shareholders the first hour of companies like Apple or Microsoft have probably never work in their lives. However, such achievements are more under the heading: "Happiness" and check off for beginners shares no meaningful "investment strategy".

5.How can I invest in stocks?

The trading of shares is for private investors now easier than ever. Where earlier nor a stock portfolio at the bank had to be set up in which each trade hit with high fees to book, today reaches the rapid opening an online depot. For this, I can tell you the DAB bank * recommend with a good conscience. This is hardly heavier than the opening of a deposit account and already completed after a short time. However, in order to reach a meaningful size and position not to pay high fees to the investment amount should be at least 5,000-10,000 euros. However, this is only a rule of thumb, the course should be determined individually by each. Sit down apart with the fees of your online broker and is also your other plants with an in contemplation. As always here, not only for shares beginner, do not put everything on one card.

6.What values should buy shares beginner?

This is probably the most important question, and at the same time also the most difficult. I will unfortunately can not give advice on specific companies here. However, I would like to give you a little tip, which I generally eighth. Shares Beginners should, in my opinion, must be kept away from fashion or trend shares. Often great companies are recommended in any financial windy leaves that have just a few handfuls of employees and a market capitalization of only a few million. Sure you can make money, but it's just for beginners shares, much easier thus losing money. So what to consider?

I just keep my eyes open in everyday life, which companies stand out, what products I use regularly? Drinks, instant soups, cleaning supplies, diapers (I use myself not as common 😉), Sport Albums / Medicine, Fast Food / junk food, you know the difference for small solar Bude from next to? True, the products just mentioned to me it is not about any "new-fangled trends", it is simply to everyday products. There is usually the underlying companies for many decades. They grow slowly, but continuously. Here it is worthwhile to look for stocks beginners most for lucrative investments in my opinion.

In the last step you should take a look at the company even more precisely, browse the Annual Report again and fly over the balance at least once. I can only warn you against the many financial sites, here are very often hides the error a not attract attention immediately. Guckt rather short even in the balance sheet and make yourselves a picture. A super introduction to the subject offers to book a business valuation metrics & analysis of Nicolas Schmidlin *. Since this book is still quite new, there are many interesting and topical practical examples. As a small tip, or small suggestion You can also pick one look at my dividend strategy, but I ask you not (never) just anything to act blindly, but think for yourself, understand yourself and then also to take responsibility for your own actions.      

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