How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing?

Is asking a question that aspiring Affiliates repeatedly that after the initial period.How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing money?And fortunately, there is a precise answer: 3 months, 12 days and 7 hours.

How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing?

No, of course there is no standard answer to this question. It depends on your own requirements and individual factors on which I discuss below in more detail.

How long does it take to earn money with affiliate marketing? 

That can not be said in advance. One deserves after a month already a few hundred euros. Another earned after 6 months only 20 euros.

I have, for example, to self-employed in the network in July 2007, ie earned 5 months after the blog launch my first Euro with affiliate marketing. In October there were already more than 100 euros a month. Meanwhile, there are monthly 1500-2000 euros.

The time that you need to earn money with affiliate marketing depends on several variables.


Firstly, the conditions are of course very important.

If you already have an established site with plenty and good quality traffic? Or you have the site just launched and virtually no traffic?

The contents are important. What topics are covered and which target groups speak to the content. Thus, for example, Compare products more suitable for the affiliate Markting as articles on your breakfast cereal. Of technology products

Not so important, but also different are the payment periods of the various affiliate networks and affiliate programs. Some pay at the end of the month, others only three months later.

Important here is definitely that it makes a big difference, with what conditions you start in the affiliate marketing.

individual factors
Of course it makes a difference whether an affiliate for 1 hour day or 1 hour a week may invest in its affiliate site


Those who are willing to invest money, for example, can Buy texts, acquire a professional layout, buy backlinks, etc. All the improved and accelerated development.


The own skills are not unimportant. If you can write well itself or has idea about SEO, which certainly helps.


Even the know-how regarding. Affiliate Marketing in itself plays an important role. Beginners make certain errors, while more experienced know Affiliates, what is important. Even the know-how regarding. The site theme plays a role.


Who is with passion, the polishes much more details, testing different layouts, texts etc. and marketed the site of intense. Anyone who thinks only earn the money and actually has nothing left for the subject who invested since often less.


A time factor is of course the question of whether to do everything myself or outsourced certain work. That depends, of course, closely related to the item "money" together.

How can you speed it up?

Basically, the fact that optimizing the above points.

So by investing just more time to developing and marketing an affiliate site.

Or you can take more money for marketing into their own hands or buy an established same project, which then of course immediately brings traffic and content.

The correct choice of the theme and therefore the affiliate programs is important. Not all affiliate programs are the same profitable. And of course, the issue is also crucial, for example, how much Google the competition is.

XY may well be an interesting topic with good affiliate programs, but when the competition is so strong in Google that you versauert somewhere on results page 6, brings no traffic and therefore no revenue.

And you should also expand its knowledge of affiliate marketing continually. 


Depending on the initial situation and the individual factors it can happen quickly or take long before you earn the affiliate marketing money.

One should not be persuaded definitely of self-proclaimed gurus and affiliate marketing "experts" that you will be rich overnight. Even affiliate marketing is hard work and perseverance.  

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